General Mattis: Obama Lied To You … But Now I’m Going To Tell You The Truth [Video]

Even though Barack Obama is not the President anymore, his policies continue to ruin the lives of the American people.

The middle class has been completely destroyed, but now we have a president that is truly set on helping the people in America.

The problems Obama left are so immense that it’s hard for one man to solve them, but if anyone can, that’s our President Donald Trump.

Each day, we discover more and more about Obama’s secret policies. It became like an everyday thing for him to take credit for things that he had nothing to do with and blaming the others for the corrupt things that he did. The most egregious thing was the troop draw down from Iraq and Afghanistan. This was already planned under George Bush, but Obama took full advantage of the plan.

According to our source, Conservative Post, Obama took credit for “bringing the troops home,” when in fact, he only brought them home just to send them back to the Middle East few years later. He was never the guy who would allow himself to be scrutinized for anything, so tried to stave off the negative inflow of comments.

On Wednesday, the Pentagon, under the direction of Secretary of Defense James Mattis, revealed that there are around 11.000 United States service members right now in Afghanistan. The Pentagon Chief Spokesperson Dana W. White and Joint Staff Director Lt. Gen. Kenneth F. McKenzie Jr. emphasized the Obama-era policy affected combat readiness in Afghanistan and didn’t tell the whole truth as to the number of U.S. forces in Afghanistan to the American people. “This way of doing business is over. We owe the American people as much transparency as possible,” White said.

The truth is that the Obama administration came to the 8.400 number in order not to disclose troops that were deployed on “temporary status,” besides being there to support both the U.S. and NATO missions.

Mattis’ decision is a major repudiation of Obama’s dishonest policy, which did nothing but diminish our military’s combat readiness. Units will not be on alert and prepared for deployment, without being afraid of being split apart for political purposes.

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